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Cayman Investment Guide
The Cayman Islands Investment Bureau provides a single source of customized information, investment marketing materials and services to Cayman businesses, as well as potential investors in the Cayman Islands. We provide comprehensive information of interest to potential investors, designed to assist in the site selection process. With an investment climate supported by a sound regulatory framework, modern infrastructure, high quality telecommunications and an extensive professional workforce, the Cayman economy is dynamic and is fully integrated into the world economy. ...
Cayman Company Registration
TANNET provides Cayman company formation services including new company registration and shelf- company purchase. We have assisted thousands of Cayman companies around the world establish and maintain their new or existing business formations. With TANNET’s help, you can find an easy and accurate way to achieve your business goal...
Cayman Company Follow-up
If a company has been set up in Cayman, there are a lot of business-related matters to be followed up. Tannet provides tailor-made services to the clients’ need as follows: notarization / legalization, opening bank account, renew business license, market research, commercial secretarial service, logistics service, human resource management, financial management, domain name registration, website design, etc......
Quick Go in Cayman

Quick Go is a life guide or work guide designed especially for the foreign investors who are still new in Cayman. They will find life and work in Cayman much easier with help of this Quick Go guidance or navigator. This navigator will give you the useful information in Cayman about bank, shopping, hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, transportation, geography, local customs, etc...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide TANNET’s clients with a quick way to familiarize themselves with the new investment environment in the area of business setup, operation, management, follow-up and related government rules and regulations. The clients can easily understand what to invest, when to invest, where to invest, why to invest, whom to cooperate with TANNET’s assistance, eventually find a way to business success in Cayman...

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